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Photo by Bernardie James

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Irma, the Voice of ESCP Europe

On 28 February 2011, Irma Pany, an ESCP Europe Student from Cameroon, released her debut album entitled Letter to the Lord in France, featuring tracks sung entirely in English and strongly influenced by pop and soul. Born to a singer mother and musician father, she was raised into music and started taking classical piano lessons from a very young age, which provided her with a formal training in music. When she was twelve, she picked up her father’s guitar and taught herself to play it from a book. She then promptly started composing her own music.

At the age of 15, Irma left her native country to pursue her academic studies in Paris, though her interest in music was still alive. She joined her high school rock band and started posting videos on YouTube – only covers of French- or English-language songs at first, then her own music, but always in English. Her on-line popularity quickly built up and she received more and more good wishes from her expanding fan base every day.

As she started her first year at ESCP Europe, she was contacted by My Major Company, a French fan-funded record label, and was asked to sign up to their website. She agreed to do so and immediately received unprecedented support from the website’s community, raising a whopping 70,000 Euros in just 48 hours. At that moment, Irma found herself catapulted from her status of ESCP Europe Student to full-fledged singer. Faced with this success, she decided to take a gap year to produce her first album, which she wanted to get exactly right. During that time, she went on tour in France, opening for several artists such as Micky Green and Matthieu Chedid, who helped her and initiated her to the art of live performance.

Despite this early success in music, Irma wants to finish her education and will be back at ESCP Europe this year on the Master in Management programme. However, she is planning to resume her musical career as soon as she graduates and to take up charity work for her native country, Cameroon.

Visit her Youtube channel.


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