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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Launch of the INITIATIV programme for French rail company SNCF

Thursday the 26th September 2013 the INITIATIV programme was launched, in the presence of the participants, their managers and Sophie Boissard, General Director for Strategy and Development SNCF.

Why this programme? What are the benefits of the programme?

A programme that addresses Change Management

ESCP Europe proposes a course which focuses on the evolution of the SNCF (‘National Society of French Railways’). This programme considers the advancements within the transport sector – the initiation and development of competition in public rail transport, international development and the reform of the railway system, in France as well as across Europe. This coupled with cultural and organisation adjustments, puts a strong emphasis on Support Functions within the French rail company in terms of promoting and leading new structures and developments.

This course is designed for cross-functional managers who can demonstrate skills in taking on increasing and ever more strategic responsibilities for the company. The first session is devised for high-potential managers, on track for professional progression, whose involvement in this programme will allow them to develop a broader range of directorial skills. The board and managers have selected 80 candidates to participate.

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