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Thursday 01 October 2015

The Global Reward Management Programme: the view from a Senior HR Professional

The GRMP provides expert knowledge and answers to the challenges of efficient reward management in today’s multinational companies. It specifically addresses HR managers and executive leaders. Marisol Ribes, a 38-year old Senior HR Generalist at Nemak Europe GmbH, is one of them.  Her employer is a market-leading automotive supplier.  Marisol works at the company’s headquarters in Frankfurt and explains us why she took part in this specific executive  programme and how she has benefitted from it.

What was your main motivation to participate in the GRMP?

Ribes: Working at the European headquarters of a rapidly growing global automotive supplier corporation, my goal is to ensure that our reward strategies are completely in line with our business objectives and support them. They need to meet our employees’ aspirations for security and career development. This task gets ever more complex by the high level of global mobility that we demand from the talents we intend to develop.

The GRMP contains the unique combination of my focus areas:  C&B and International  Mobility. I can see that it was designed to make participants develop a deep understanding of the strategic relevance of rewards in a global context. I am convinced that what I am learning will help me with the conception and design of global reward systems, balancing both local customs and global standards in pay practices.

How did you transfer your learnings into the job?

Ribes:  First, participating in the programme, allowed me to extend easily my personal international network of reward professionals, academics and peers. So far, there have been many opportunities for the exchange of best practices, and, hopefully, this will also continue after the programme.

Secondly, it’s a huge benefit to scrutinize and to reflect intensively on our company’s current reward situation. It is because of many new insights the GRMP provided that I could already implement improvements and start to develop  new reward policies.

What are the major strengths of the GRMP? And your main personal benefit?

Ribes: Overall, the programme, provides a deep expertise on how to align strategically our reward policies in the global business environment. A particular strength is the combination of  case studies with practice-oriented academic insights. The presentations from high level companies, the business testimonials, the speakers – all were state of the art.

Nevertheless, the main personal benefit is the opportunity to work now on a specific company project where I transfer the newly acquired knowledge into new practical solutions for my company. Feedback from tutors and peers helps me to find and challenge innovative solutions.

Thank you, Marisol. We wish you great success.

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