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Friday 28 November 2014

London edition of the 2014 Entrepreneurship Festival a big hit

ESCP Europe Business School's Entrepreneurship Society held its Entrepreneurship Festival 2014 at the London campus on Friday 21st November during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) of which the School is a partner organisation.

Chaired by Dr Davide Sola, Professor of Strategy & Management at ESCP Europe (an entrepreneur himself), six young entrepreneurs, some of them alumni of ESCP Europe, shared their experiences with the audience of almost 100 students.
The speakers were then asked to line up and demonstrate the art of pitching their businesses in under two minutes each – showing the students that it can be done effectively, often in even less time.
The talks were followed by an open networking session over drinks, with the speakers and other guest entrepreneurs each taking tables at which the students clustered to ask questions, listen and generally get a feel for the businesses, as well as inspiration for their futures.
Special thanks to alumnus Edoardo Cassina (MEB 2010) whose new business Nucco Black Creative Studio sponsored the reception with red wine and a delicious buffet to round off the evening.


Some quotes and tweets:

"The only way out of recession is entrepreneurship @dsola #entrepreneurshipfest @ESCPeurope #London - Same in #Madrid"
"do not STARTup a company but BUILDup a company."
"Top funded startup on @Seedrs today is @Netberg, by 3 @ESCPeurope alumni, tonight at #entrepreneurshipfest"
"Great pres from @netberg at #entrepreneurshipfest they have lessons to teach corporate employees"
"#London is one of the best places to start a business today say the team from @netberg #EntrepreneurshipFest @ESCPeurope - conditions good!"
"To turn ideas into reality you need to be a scientist! #entrepreneurshipfest #ESCP"
"@Space_Ways's David Hammond advises data-driven, analytical approach to biz. #EntrepreneurshipFest @ESCPeurope"
"Uniqloud + Vitanect  - startup experiences of @florianbe81- the #MiM grad who went from consulting to startups and back again as freelance consultant #EntrepreneurshipFest @ESCPeurope"
"Poor customer focus, no big partners, low customer base, wrong team - biz fails #EntrepreneurshipFest @ESCPeurope"
"@florianbe81 says that your time at uni/business school is perfect for finding your start up co-founders @escpeurope #entrepreneurshipfest"
"The @EatFirst mktg mgr @JuliaBeliak knew young she loves #startups #EntrepreneurshipFest @ESCPeurope @rocketinternet"
"Very interesting tips to join a #startup from @JuliaBeliak @EatFirstUK #entrepreneurshipfest No CV, Do work for free at 1st, be number-driven"
"Guest entrepreneurs line up to demonstrate how to 'pitch' live - 60secs max each #EntrepreneurshipFest @ESCPeurope"

  • Dr Davide Sola, Professor of Strategy and Management; Co-Founder of 3H Partners
    "Impatience for profit, patience for growth"
  •  David Hammond, Marketing Business Development Manager at SpaceWays
    "From idea to reality: Making stuff happen"
  •  Oliver Schmid (MiM 2007), Consultant
    "From start-ups to consulting and back again - or how to run around in circles for 10 years"
  •  Julia Beliak, Marketing Manager at EatFirst
    "How to build up a venture with Rocket Internet as an incubator"


Additional 'Speed-networking' Guests

Timo Steitz - (co-founded by MiM student Nikola Berkmann)
Rafael dos Santos - Room in the Moon
Ed Boyes - Hello Fresh (Rocket Venture)
David Hammond & Shaheen Javid - SpaceWays (Rocket Venture)
Anne-France Kennedy - New Sparks

The event was well received by all thanks to the efforts of the guests, the students running the Entrepreneurship Society and staff at the London campus. We look forward to carrying on the good work through future entrepreneurship events on campus ahead of next year's festival.


Student Societies: Joanna Kamath
Public Relations and Events: Shireen Fraser

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