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Luca Visconti (Third from the left)

Thursday 17 April 2014

Luca Visconti, winner of the Academic Management Research Award

The award ceremony of the Prix Académique de Recherche en Management (Academic Management Research Award) was held on Thursday 3rd April in Paris.

Luca Visconti, Professor at ESCP Europe and Doctor in Business Administration, has gained an award for the research paper “The Extended Transportation-Imagery Model: A Meta-Analysis of the Antecedents and Consequences of Consumers' Narrative Transportation” (Marketing/Decision sciences).

The research paper was written in collaboration with Tom van Laer, Ko de Ruyter and Martin Wetzels and was published on the Journal of Consumer Research.  Tom van Laer also adapted the research for a blog on Breed Communications.

The event was organised by SYNTEC Conseil en Management, a French Trade Union that represents management consulting firms.  This prize aims to strengthen links between Universities and Grandes Ecoles and consulting firms in France.

The competition is addressed to all educational teams of higher education, professors, lecturers and researchers and categories are the following:

-Finance & Strategy/Company policy/ corporate governance

-Marketing/Decision sciences

-Operation, Management, Control/Information systems & technologies

-Management/Human Resources/Organisation

-Special Jury Prize

-Best research paper applied in Management

For more information on the topic, check out Luca Visconti’s article: How and Why Have Brands Become Storytellers?

Check out the video (French) in which Luca Visconti explains the importance of this award.

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