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Tuesday 07 February 2012

Lunch with the CFO

On Wednesday, 1st February, fifteen students from ESCP Europe's London campus gathered at the GE Capital headquarters in Hammersmith for an exclusive meeting. ESCP Europe Students Meet Business, the student-led careers society, had organised a two-hour careers event in which the students met various senior executives, as well as recent graduates, over lunch to get to know GE and learn about employment possibilities.

After arriving at The Ark, GE's prominent and architecturally striking headquarters, the students were welcomed by Rajesh Gupta, CFO of GE Capital. Mr. Gupta, whose 16-year career at GE began with one of their graduate programmes, shared wonderful insights into the culture and people at GE. His story offered an inspirational look at the possibilities to grow and take responsibility within the company.

Paul Collyer, Head of Risk, followed, giving an overview of the company's risk activities, the different types of risk, and  explaining how careers in risk and finance differ. He joined the company three years previously, enabling him to draw comparisons with former employers and to elaborate on what made him join - and stick with - GE.

The final part of the event consisted of an open discussion session with five recent graduates who are currently participating in two of GE's leadership programmes: the Financial Management Programme (FMP) and Risk Management Programme (RMP). Both are highly regarded within their industry and have yielded a very high number of GE senior executives. The session concluded in a Q&A session with Andrea Ainsworth, leader of the FMP and GE coordinator for this event.

Both the ESCP Europe students and the GE executives and staff were highly engaged and expressed their gratitude for the possibility to get together on such a small and exclusive scale. Many of the students stated that they were not aware of the incredible career prospects at GE before the event, and GE representatives were impressed by the high calibre of international students at ESCP Europe.

"Through this positive feedback we know that ESCP Europe Students Meet Business is of immense value to both the students and the employers," said Roman Dahl, president of the society. "Looking at the success of this and the other events that we have organised in the past, we know that we are on the right track to fulfil our mission to bring high-calibre ESCP Europe students and first-class employers together, and to strengthen the profile of the School."

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