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Thursday 19 March 2015

Master in European Business (MEB): "How I apply my knowledge in neuroscience in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Organizational Management courses"

By Capucine Le Guen (MEB Student 2015 - London/Paris track)

What is your previous background, and why did you join the Master in European Business (MEB) at ESCP Europe?

Before joining the Master in European Business, I had been studying in France, Canada and The Netherlands, and graduated with an MSc in Neurosciences. I have then worked for more than 3 years as a researcher in Neuroscience in the United Kingdom before deciding I wanted to redirect my career path from academia to industry.

Because I had always worked in an academic environment, I felt I was lacking fundamental knowledge in business development as well as managerial skills. I started looking for a post-graduate degree in Business that would fill in the gaps in my training while allowing me to stay in an international environment. Another imperative for me was the length of the programme as I didn’t want to be away from the professional world for too long. The MEB programme was a perfect fit for me, and the excellent reputation of ESCP Europe convinced me to enroll.

What was the most added value of the programme for you?

Essential to me was the MBA-style curriculum, particularly because I had no previous business education. As a generalist programme, the MEB is giving me a strong foundation in all aspects of business management and strategy. This gives me the tools to analyse and understand the full scope of information necessary to make reliable business decisions. In addition, and contrary to other programmes, most of the students have some professional experience and the interaction with people from so many different backgrounds is very enriching.

How did the MEB influence your life and career?

The MEB has already had a great influence on the vision I have for my career. In addition to the fundamental business knowledge I was looking for, I found connections between some areas of management and my background that I was not expecting. For instance, my education in Neurosciences gave me an insight into Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences that I can apply to some aspects of the Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Organizational Management courses. This definitely broadens my career horizons as I now realize new ways to use my experience and skills in the private sector.

What can you advise and recommend those who want to choose the MEB?

I would particularly recommend the MEB to those young professionals with little or no business education who want to improve their managerial skills and career prospects. In addition, this programme is highly profitable to anyone looking to broaden their skills and start a career in international management.

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