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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Master in European Business (MEB): “I am one of the 15 students recruited among 20,000 applicants worldwide in the International Graduate Programme at Heineken”

The Success Story of Laura Somerhausen (MEB 2013 - London/Madrid track), International Graduate in Corporate Relations at Heineken in Paris.

Why did you choose the MEB?

After my Law Degree, I was looking for an additional Master which would broaden my perspectives and complement the acquired legal knowledge. The MEB combined all aspects I was looking for: 1 year programme, strong reputation, steep learning curve in general management, and truly cross-cultural.

What was the most added value of the programme for you?

Besides the theoretical knowledge in Finance, Strategy and Marketing for instance, I learnt a lot “by doing”: through the two company projects, but also through continuous teamwork. Working with different nationalities, on specific case studies, in a foreign language, was essential for me as this is in the end something I still do now every day in my job!

Also, ESCP Europe and the MEB is a very interesting platform to start building a network of people (including friends!) of numerous nationalities, who now work in various companies and business areas across the world.

Did it help you to achieve tour professional objectives?

The MEB is a career accelerator. I entered the job market with an international profile and additional professional experience through the company projects. It also helped me during the selection for the International Graduate Programme at HEINEKEN, as I could add business analysis to my legal skills.

My current position, in Corporate Relations in a multinational company, is exactly where I wanted to be. My field of work, Public Affairs, requires indeed both legal and business knowledge.

An anecdote of the MEB time?

The MEB campuses are situated in very dynamic cities in Europe. Personally, I went to London and Madrid. Of course the MEB does bring you a lot from a professional point of view, but I also do remember the “social side/after work time” of the programme (including a memorable party in London with the other MEB students, in famous roof gardens…).

If you were the Director of the MEB, what should be your suggestion to improve the programme?

The students who attend the MEB are highly motivated to learn as much as possible throughout the 10 months on campus, before starting the mandatory internship. I would take advantage of this to go even further in the content of the various classes.


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