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Friday 06 March 2015

Master in European Business (MEB): "I never thought I was an entrepreneur before the MEB!”

The Success Story of Victor Wacrenier (MEB 2013 - Paris/London track), co-founder of AppScho, an innovative mobile technology designed for the Education sector… and just launched with success at ESCP Europe!

What is your previous background, and why did you join the Master in European Business (MEB) at ESCP Europe?

Before the MEB, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences at SUPINFO International University in Paris, France.

I had previously worked at Accenture as an IT Strategy Analyst, and PayPal where I was part of the Product Strategy team. I felt my technical background was a strong asset to rely on, but that I was lacking of Business expertise in order to achieve a full comprehension of a Product Development lifecycle and overall business vision. That is when I realized I needed to ramp up on Financial & Management topics.

You’ve gone on to co-run your own company, AppScho, since completing the MEB. Did you have already decided to create your startup after graduating from ESCP Europe?

I actually never thought I would be able to successfully launch a startup!
After the Master in European Business, I moved to Berlin because I was interested in joining a startup to discover its environment, and the startup scene there is among European’s most actives. I already had a few connections locally thanks to the ESCP Europe campus in the city and the people I have had the chance to meet during my time at the MEB, so that helped me a lot to settle in and make the right connections. I was lucky to join an early-stage startup where I led the development of the product.

That is actually when the idea of creating my own startup sparkled. For the first time in my professional experience, I was working with a way broader range of responsibilities thanks to the fact I was now operational in business topics. This is especially helpful when being in Product Management (CPO are often being called “the little CEOs”), as you are a bridge between the Business teams and the Technical teams, therefore being a central point toward the product release.

AppScho is a mobile plug-and-play SaaS technology. It can plug onto any Education actor’s IT Infrastructure, and brings a handful of services to students and administration directly on a mobile app. We aim to reduce the technological gap between Higher Education actors and their students by providing a disruptive tool set for today and tomorrow's Education industry challenges.

How has your time studying the MEB helped you in your current professional life?

Studying at ESCP Europe truly helped me both by providing me the business knowledge I was looking for, but also by supporting my startup project from Day 1.

We had the opportunity to beta-test the mobile app in one of 2014’s MEB Class, and the feedbacks from both the students and the school were so good we decided to partner with ESCP Europe to support our product launch this year ! I believe without their trust, we wouldn’t have had the chance to test our product in a live environment - not mentioning the fact we also leverage the school’s business network in our day-to-day activities meeting with potential clients & partners.

We somehow all know the stuff you learn at school is different from the “real professional world”, where your knowledge is put to the test in everyday situations you never had the occasion to learn in class. In my case with the MEB, the fact we had two Consultancy Corporate Projects held during the year where you have to work for real business client on strategic subjects has definitely been a key-asset in the application of the MEB courses.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing you need when making the decision to start a business?

I believe execution prevails over everything else when it comes to starting a business.

Assuming you have the will to bring your vision to life, your assumptions tested and a plan ahead to sustain it in the long run, nothing but the way you will run your activity to bring your product or service to the market will determine its outcome. There is unfortunately no secret recipe to good execution, but to me learning from its own mistakes is the one stop to becoming a better decision-maker ! (so if you ask me, resilience is among the good execution recipe).

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the role taken by your IT. Some still see it as a tool to support your activity, but it has truly became a central asset to every business. This means it has to be properly managed, strategically defined, and taken into account on every business decisions taken.

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