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Monday 18 December 2017

Meet the Student | Wojciech Glazek, Executive MBA @ ESCP Europe

Wojciech Glazek is an engineer, and in charge of developing new specialized industrial electronics in company TRUMPF. He leads engineers and project managers to deliver products to big, global customers like for example Samsung. The work involves global project management, traveling, customers contacts, politics, negotiations and leadership.

Why did you decide to study the Executive MBA and what do you expect for your career progression?
Indeed the Executive MBA is for me the best way to progress with my career. Therefore I also decided to fund the programme by myself and invest my holidays to do the Executive MBA. I felt like my career came to a standstill and I also knew that I had to strike new paths and to challenge the situation from another angle. I expect mostly to progress in terms of skills and still believe, that skills are a way to progress with the career. But I am realistic too, knowing that the network and prestige aspects of the Executive MBA are also going to make a difference.

What does internationality & international course experience mean to you?
It means development without bias of a certain culture. It means that the knowledge is more universal. For me there is no other way to develop, since my work was always global and international, going for local education was not an option.

What do you like most about the ESCP Europe?
There are many things. I like the professional approach and the good service. I like new experiences and new ways of seeing things.  What I liked the most is that the Executive MBA programme has more personal impact than I was expecting. At the beginning of the programme I expected very technical progress, learning skills, and than cashing on the progress. Yet, after some time I realized that the experience is a lot about understanding myself. Even though at this stage in the Executive MBA programme I am not sure how the Executive MBA is going to cash out - my attitude towards other people is definitely changing through the programme as well as my self-confidence is growing. As far as I enjoyed learning, traveling and networking, the experience has deeper self-awareness aspect for me which I appreciate a lot.

Thank you very much, for taking your time for this interview! We wish you all the best for your studies & your career!

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