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Friday 27 October 2017

MSc in International Food & Beverage Management students' life

Michelle Vandamme and Bailin Huo shared their ESCP Europe experience.

Students attending this Master are exposed to a wonderfully interactive, friendly and stimulating environment that brings together young professionals from across the globe.

The Master in IFBM students have the opportunity to meet Managers of the Food and Beverage industry, in class as well during company visits, and discuss business challenges with them. Each day at ESCP Europe is filled with something new and exciting

Two Master in IFBM students, Class 2016/2017, shared their experience and their thoughts about the ESCP Europe Master in International Food & Beverage Management: Michelle Vandamme, 25 years old,  from Belgium, and Bailin Huo, 24 years old, from China.

Michelle: I have a background in Bioscience Engineering, I’m specialized in Food Science and Nutrition, and for myself I thought it was a pity that I knew something about the science and the whole food industry in that aspect but I didn't know anything about Finance, Marketing, about food industry and that's why I really want to have a broad scope in the food industry and that's why I chose this Master

Bailin: I didn't expect that we had so much practical experiences, I think they are more precious. It's also my first experience that professor can be that close to students. We can see that they have the will to help you every time, they don't ignore your question, they just come to help really gently

Michelle: It's not just a course about theory and exams or a thesis, but you really have, for example, hands on project where you work together with the management, so you learn a lot. You see so much, you learn so much, you get in touch with so many people... 

Bailin: Since I moved to Turin I needed to meet some new friends but fortunately all the classmates they are really nice. You can see they have a real passion of this industry, they really want to go inside and do something for this industry

Michelle: Only if you have passion in the food industry choose this Master, because that is the only requirement

Bailin: I'm already ambitious, what can be better to work, to study with a group of ambitious people?

Take a glimpse at a day in the life of a couple of ESCP Europe IFBM students!

Watch the video with testimonials from Michelle and Bailin.

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