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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Natural Gas as a Bridge to a Renewable Energy Future

Climate change represents a major challenge for the energy industry: consequences can be seen worldwide and immediate action is needed. Management skills and innovation are key to overcome the current difficulties in the industry.

The Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM) and ESCP Europe hosted a roundtable discussion on 'Natural Gas as a Bridge to a Renewable Energy Future' earlier this year in Paris.  The event brought together current participants from the MSc in Energy Management, Alumni, and senior industry professionals.

The roundtable focused on the key drivers for energy demand and supply going forward, the implications of COP21 for the energy sector, and what the future holds for gas.

Speakers included:

  • Laurence Gouet, Vice President Strategy, Gas, TOTAL SA
  • Hélène Baudoin, Director of External Relations, Gas Chain, ENGIE
  • Costanza Jacazio, Senior Gas Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Lucie Roux, Senior Specialist, European Gas, Platts & Graduate of the Executive Master in Energy Management, 2012
  • Jean-Pascal Tranié, President, Aloe Private Equity
  • Bozena Cosser, Director PM, Power & Energy, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development & Graduate of the Executive MBA, 2014
  • Xi Yao, Strategy Manager, Centralized Generation of Electricity, Gas, ENGIE & Graduate of the Master in Management, 2006
  • Anthony Livanios, CEO, U.S. Energy Stream
  • Kostas Andriosopoulos, Director of ESCP Europe's Energy programmes and the RCEM

The following presentations are available online.

  • The Race for Renewables in Europe: How can Gas compete?
    Speaker: Lucie Roux
  • A Long Term View on Solar Power
    Speaker: Jean-Pascal Tranié
  • Natural Gas as a Bridge to a Renewable Energy Future
    Speaker: Laurence Gouet

This successful conference signals that the ESCP Europe community and senior representatives from the key player organisations in the sector are making an impact in the industry. Our holistic approach is helping to lead the transition to clean energy that will contribute greatly to a greener future for all.

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We asked our MSc in Energy Management Class of 2016 what they loved most about being a MEM student.

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