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Thursday 10 June 2010

New book : "Connecting with Consumers: Marketing for New Marketplace Realities" by Allan J. Kimmel

Sixties’ hippie guru Dr. Timothy Leary’s prophetic mantra ‘turn on, tune in, drop out,’ could not have been more a propos of the contemporary marketing landscape. Consumers are turning on their portable devices, tuning in to social networks, and dropping out of the traditional marketing process. These are exciting times for business managers and marketing professionals, yet the challenges imposed by ongoing social and technological developments are daunting. In an age in which marketers can reach their audiences with greater facility than ever before, firms have never been less in control of their customer targets.
This increasing connectedness of consumers provides a range of unique and promising opportunities for product and brand managers. Connecting With Consumers describes the various strategies and techniques that can be utilized to harness consumer influence. The book traces evolving developments in the consumer marketplace, considers their impact on the potential reshaping of the marketing profession, and describes the emerging set of tools that can enable marketers to respond to new marketplace realities. It provides, clear, up-to-date coverage of a number of topics currently on the minds of many: Web 2.0, word of mouth, buzz, the social web, social media metrics, customer engagement, viral and guerrilla marketing.

KIMMEL A.J., (2010), Connecting with Consumers:Marketing for New Marketplace Realities, Oxford University Press, June 2010, 336 p.

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