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Friday 16 September 2011

Parution d'article: "Towards greener supply chains: an institutional perspective" par Valentina Carbone et Valérie Moatti

Business leaders worldwide are proclaiming their interest in increasingly ambitious environmental initiatives. However, external observers, particularly not-for-profit organisations, are criticising the trend of many companies towards green communication or posturing rather than action, termed ‘green-washing’.

Our purpose is to establish a link between companies’ green strategic intent and their concrete initiatives in the supply-chain area. Drawing from the institutional theory, we expect that green supply-chain practices are following different patterns and transforming across time, according to different institutional contexts.
We point out here that green-washing represents a primarily needed step towards further concrete actions and results. We expect that different institutional contexts lead to different types of green supply-chain behaviours. Analysis of data from a large-scale survey of 600 international companies using Multiple Correspondence Analysis and logistic regression provided clear evidence that firms are following different patterns when they implement a green strategy to their supply chain.

De CARBONE V., MOATTI V., (2011), "Towards greener supply chains: an institutional perspective", International Journal of Logistics : Research and Applications, Vol.14, Issue 3, pp 179-197, 18 p.

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