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Friday 02 September 2011

Specialised Masters: an intensive year of specialisation with a European and international orientation

The objective of the 15 Full-Time Specialised Masters is to train experts for excellence in a globalised environment. The international dimension of our programmes is provided by the diversity of our students (background, education, nationality), international seminars and the various exchange opportunities with our academic partners.

This diversity gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience, not only academically and professionally speaking, but also from a personal standpoint. 2011 has been a particularly rewarding year, full of conferences, exchanges and events.

Marion Leparmentier, Director of the Full-Time Specialised Master Programmes states, "It is important for the students to discover the managerial practices of other countries and to compare completely different working methodologies. Students contribute their unique outlooks to the programmes and great discoveries are made through these exchanges."

A few examples from 2011:

Students of the Specialised Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in San Francisco, in the heart of Silicon Valley

In 2011, the students of the Specialised Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which focuses on each student’s business creation project, toured Silicon Valley and visited various companies: Google, IBM, eBay, Plug & Play, Dreamworks Studios, and Mission Motor, etc. These visits are an opportunity for students to gain an appreciation of different examples of entrepreneurship. The programme also included conferences at Stanford and Berkeley.

Laurent Molter, a student of the Specialised Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Class of 2011, comments: "Lesson one in entrepreneurship: leave the office and explore the terrain. We put this into practice by taking off to Silicon Valley for an action-packed trip: being woken up by Loïc Le Meur, attending a class at IBM, eating in the kitchen at Bump, relaxing on the Google campus, listening to TED seminars at Berkeley, and ending up at a fraternity in Stanford. And despite what you might think, this burst of dynamism carried on after we landed in France and led us on in our adventure to create our own start-up, Ma Madeleine. Who knows where this might take us?"

The Specialised Masters in Media in South Africa

The students of the Specialised Master in Media visited South Africa this year for their international seminar, where they gained better insight into international media and built class cohesion by sharing an enriching group experience.

During the trip, the students were confronted with the gap between rich and poor on their guided tour of Soweto, a world-famous township where the different populations coexist in surprising harmony.

Their journey then took them to the SABC building, a state TV and radio group. The students were able to see the effects of Apartheid on the South African audiovisual industry and witness the ambition and evolution of the group despite the difficulties and challenges it faces on a local level. Students went on to visit Avusa Group, the largest South African press group and an example of the rise of the press following the end of Apartheid, in 1994. The association between The Sowetan and The Sunday Times shows the desire to reconcile black and white readerships.

Further key meetings during the trip include André Brink – a world-famous author who published around twenty novels criticising the regime in both Afrikaans and English, – and key players involved in the promotion of audiovisual art and cinema in South Africa. For instance, Cape Town Film Studios illustrates the region’s ambition to become a leading filming location for local as well as international productions.

The experience is described in detail in MédiaMonde, an annual magazine edited by the programme’s students and published by ESCP Europe. A series of articles, pictures, reports and interviews give the highlights of the trip. See this publication here (available in French only).

International experience through exchanges with our campuses and academic partners

Some Specialised Master programmes include courses abroad, usually at one of our 5 campuses, for example at ESCP Europe London, for the Specialised Master in Finance and the Specialised Master in International Business Law and Management (with some classes taking place at The City Law School), or ESCP Europe Madrid, by student choice, for the Specialised Master in Marketing and Communication and the Specialised Master in International Project Management.

The first trimester of the Specialised Master in Management of Cultural and Artistic Activities takes place at the University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice and the second at ESCP Europe Paris (dual diploma).

The Specialised Master in International Project Management includes a month-long seminar either in Asia or Latin America (comprising classes with our academic partners in India, at the SJ Jain Institute in Mumbai and in China at Tongji University, Shanghai, or in Brazil at the Fundação de Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, and in Argentina at the Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires).

All these opportunities provide students with an understanding of the differences in managerial and cultural practices, by giving them a chance to follow international conferences and meet foreign professionals.


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