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Friday 05 September 2014

Strategic implications for a European cross-border multi-campus business school

Andreas Kaplan, Professor of Marketing and Director of Brand and Communications at ESCP Europe, gave a presentation on the European model of the school at the 2014 Euprio Conference.

More than 40 years ago, ESCP Europe, which was established in Paris in 1819, decided to branch out into other European countries and thereby lay the ground for being the first European cross-border multi-campus business school. Today, ESCP Europe has campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Torino plus an additional 100 partnerships all over the world.

A multi-campus structure offers the unique opportunity for students to experience different cultural contexts within the same institution on a large scale and in a coordinated manner via integrated curricula and cross-campus seminars. Obviously, such a concept also bears its challenges due to, for example, coordination costs and different national legal frameworks.

To avoid such challenges, many schools decide to exclusively rely on partnerships with other institutions of higher business education in other countries. Again other business schools, such as INSEAD or ESSEC, choose to build campuses even further away on other continents. In contrast a European cross-border multi-campus business school has its particularities as Europe allows it to embrace maximum cultural diversity at minimal geographical distance.

This presentation focuses on the implications of such a structure with respect to branding, communications, marketing and positioning. Furthermore, consequences for additional areas such as alumni relations, programme design, executive education, and scientific research are discussed. Equally, an outlook on future trends is given that might influence such a structure including the increasing globalisation of the business school landscape, the rising importance of MOOCs and the emergence of corporate universities.


Presented by Andreas Kaplan at Euprio 2014, Innsbruck, Austria.
Euprio is the Association for European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers.

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