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Monday 14 December 2015

The educational value of a study trip

Lessons from study trips: focus on customised programmes

Study trip, learning expedition... Whatever you call it, a study trip is an extremely powerful educational tool and a great source of inspiration.

Going on a journey to seek to renew one’s modes of functioning or market approach, meeting local stakeholders and experts, visiting shops, shopping centres or local businesses in situ... enables one to create value in an culturally different environment. Such benchmarks are a multiple source of wealth.

The change of scenery shakes up terms of reference, fosters questions, challenges one’s practices and accelerates the capacity for change of companies and their teams.

Thus Olivier Badot, Associate Dean for Research at ESCP Europe, led the Top Executives of the Galeries Lafayette Group during a week in China last April as part of their "The Future of Shopping" training deployed by ESCP Europe and IFM.

From exchanges with the Carrefour China president and CEO to meeting a Beijing-based gallery owner, the 5 days spent in Shanghai and Beijing enhanced the participants’ "retail culture" and increased their level of understanding and expertise in consumer behaviour and trademarks in China…

In 2014, the managers of a Chinese hotel group on a luxury sector study trip to Paris also participated in a day-long “Retail Safari” with Benoît Heilbrunn. As part of the Paris stage (Le Bon Marché, Burberry Femme, Poilâne, Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton), participants were divided into groups and conducted in situ observations using an analytical table provided by Benoît Heilbrunn. The participants’ report enabled them to identify inspirational practices.

ORPEA-CLINEA, a leader in the European care sector since 2011, has created a customised training programme with ESCP Europe, in order to be able to anticipate and adapt to changes in their business environment.

Alain Ollivier, ESCP Europe Professor, has developed a study trip of a week to the United States in partnership with the Wisconsin School of Business in Madison.

Visits and conferences throughout the week offer an outstanding opportunity to understand the theoretical concepts that govern the activities of clinics and retirement homes in the US, as well as general health sector practices.

Participants welcomed "the wide variety of meetings and the quality of this study trip to the United States that helped them to see the French health system from a new angle."

Learning expedition are always customised to align contents, duration and objectives with the company's growth targets. 


Pascale Pernet, Director of Customised Programmes, ESCP Europe

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