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Monday 30 June 2014

The European Lift: ESCP Europe will make you love Europe!

ESCP Europe is reasserting its European connections with its new video.

“The European Lift” follows a student’s surprising adventure while discovering the cultural diversity of the different countries in which the school has a campus: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy

ESCP Europe will make you love Europe (again)

The latest European elections have shown that Europeans have fallen out of love with Europe, which was severely criticised for being too impenetrable and too far removed from the problems of its citizens. What if ESCP Europe gave you back a taste for Europe? With ESCP Europe, Europe can be as simple and as tangible as using a lift: like our hero, you’ll move from country to country and from one culture to another, leaving you with amazing memories… Because Europe is also about shared popular references, encounters, exchanges. A real “European Identity!”

ESCP Europe: one school, 5 countries, 5 campuses

Thanks to its five campuses (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Turin) and its profound European identity, ESCP Europe stands out from other Business schools with courses that are totally integrated across all 5 European campuses. However, the school also has a “Global Perspective!” It is more widely accessible to the world thanks to its network of more than 100 international academic partners. ESCP Europe trains its talent for the new challenges of the business world and society by promoting a European managerial culture that has a resolutely open outlook. Like our hero, with ESCP Europe, a simple button in a lift will help you discover a new country, a new culture …Follow the guide!

ESCP Europe in a few figures

● 5 Campuses: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Turin
● 4,000 students across 90 nationalities
● Over 130 lecturers-researchers across 20 nationalities
● Over 100 partner universities in Europe and around the world
● 45,000 alumni in 150 countries

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