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Friday 06 October 2017

The percentage of women enrolled at the ESCP Europe Italian Campus has registered an impressive growth in the new Academic Year

On Friday 22nd September 2017 ESCP Europe Turin Campus celebrated the Opening of the new Academic Year, its 14th in Italy. Once again this year, the campus confirmed its constant development, extending its  programme offer even further and, consequently,  increasing the number of students. 

There are a total of 261 students, with a growth of + 13% from last year, attending the Turin campus. There is also an increase in female students, registering a leap forward in the balancing of the gender gap in the Business School.

In welcoming the new students, the Director of the Italian campus Francesco Rattalino declared:  "We are opening the new Academic Year in Turin with the best prospects, with a number of students never reached before, twice as many as two years ago. This growth in terms of number of students, coupled with quality education, is the result of the business school's internationalization policy and the expansion of the programmes delivered".

The great news is that in Turin half of the MBA in International Management class is made up of women. The panorama is even better in the Master in International Food and Beverage Management where the number of female students surpasses the number of males: the 30 Master students, from 11 different countries, are 67% women. The class of the same programme last year registered only 35% of female students. 

These numbers are tangible proof of ESCP Europe's commitment to encouraging more and more women to study in order to acquire managerial skills and achieve positions of leadership.

Women in the business world may be turned off by male-dominated cultures but things are changing now. It turns out that getting more women into an elite Business School such as ESCP Europe plays a key role in increasing the number of women who will lead Europe’s biggest and most powerful companies. 

Therefore, the first step to fix problems related to gender inequity in the business world, including the gender pay gap, is to encourage young women to embrace the challenge and boost their careers with a Master or an MBA in one of the world’s top Business Schools.

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