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Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Royal Bank of Scotland shares the potential of ESCP Europe MIM student

As a part of all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at ESCP Europe, students undertake at least one professional internship.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was so impressed with one of our students, Susanna Carlini, they did a special interview with her:

"I was drawn to an internship at RBS because of the structure of the programme, with two rotations within the same division, and the very positive feedback that I received from people who had previously joined. I selected RBS over other banks because the focus on Capital Markets within Investment Banking, which is my area of interest.

"I chose to work in Capital Markets because I think this doesn't put in place conflicts of interest that may exist in other areas of Investment Banking. In Capital Markets, banks are likely to recommend the best solution for the client notwithstanding the banks revenues on the transaction itself ..." Click to read more

Susanna is currently studying the Master in Management (MIM), and is due to graduate in 2016. Originally from Italy, she has studied at our campuses in Paris, Turin and London. Her specialisation year - known as M2 - is focused on Finance. Her internship underwent two rotations: one in Corporate Advisory Industrials, and the other in Liability Management.

Like all MIM students, Susanna must complete at least two internships. Her first was with Fante Group, a boutique M&A in Milan, and she also previously spent time at Banca del Piemonte in Turin.

RBS are a regular recruiter of interns from ESCP Europe. Given that they are looking for students with international experience and language skills, our Master in Management students are a natural fit. If you would like to discuss your internship options with RBS, please contact Enrico Cocchi, Head of Student Careers at the London campus.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.



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