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Tuesday 30 August 2011

The "Traditional" Benefits of the Executive MBA

"The Executive MBA may be an expensive financial investment to make, and one that requires a great deal of personal sacrifices throughout the period of study," says "But more and more candidates are turning to this prestigious business school degree for, among other things, the traditional benefits it brings to them – both personally and professionally."

So what are these so-called 'traditional' benefits? TopMBA asked ESCP Europe's Dr Claudia Jonczyk to share her thoughts:

'Dr Claudia Jonczyk, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at ESCP Europe says the Executive MBA offers candidates the helicopter perspective. "This means candidates are encouraged to engage in more high level strategic thinking and gain greater perspective on business issues," she explains.

"The EMBA provides a wider range and more complete management knowledge across different subject areas, and these skills are indispensible for those candidates wishing to aspire to senior management positions."

Networking is also a traditional benefit for candidates according to Dr Jonczyk. "Networking with other high potentials from different backgrounds, industries and cultures is certainly a traditional benefit of the EMBA. This leads to a rich exchange and cross-fertilisation of ideas."'

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