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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Third edition of Start@Europe at the European Parliament

Second-year students on the Master in Management Programme will be welcomed back to ESCP Europe with the third edition of the Start@Europe seminar, at the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, from 4-7 September. It will give students the chance to acquire first-hand experience of the complex decision-making processes that European negotiators face daily.

Seminar objectives

The main objective of the Start@Europe seminar is for the students to get a sense of the dynamics at work between institutional members and the processes that lead to the proposal and voting of European decisions. This negotiation exercise enables them to understand the role of the key figures operating within the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. This year’s participants will focus on the question of the European Union’s own resources and, more specifically, financial transaction tax. Over three days, they will carry out a thorough analysis of the challenges facing the European Union and its future by examining these topical questions, which have been subject of much debate recently.

ESCP Europe: a strong European orientation

Pascal Morand, Dean of ESCP Europe, and Maria Koutsovoulou, European Academic Dean, state: "Our institution can be described as a business school with a clear European orientation.  As such, we need to renew our European commitment and put it into practice in our teaching. This is achieved through our programmes, which are based on multicultural teamwork and give students the sense that they belong to the first European business school."

ESCP Europe is deeply involved on the European stage and regularly offers scientific insights to EU policymakers, as demonstrated by the creation of the French Laboratory of excellence on financial regulation (press release in French) and the report on accounting norms and the financial crisis (press release in French) that was published in 2009 at the request of then French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde.

This is exactly the kind of European awareness that ESCP Europe wants to inspire in second-year students of the Master in Management Programme. Start@Europe is an opportunity for them to be faced early on with the reality of negotiating in a European context.

Start@Europe, from 4th to 7th September

Participants in the 2011 Start@Europe seminar will be welcomed by Pascal Morand and Bernard Boucault, Director of the French National School of Administration (ENA).

A number of experts and professors from ESCP Europe will address students and share their insights into this year’s topic of discussion through lectures and negotiation exercises dealing with various questions – among which will be the prioritisation and evolution of the resources allocated to the European Union’s financial Framework and the new financial regulations.

Alain Lamassoure, Chairman of the Committee on Budgets at the European Parliament, will be presiding over the report on the outcome of the negotiation and the voting. During the formal sitting, he will be raising the question of the European Union’s own resources.

Patrick Gounelle, President of the European Supervisory Board, ESCP Europe Foundation, Hugues du Rouret, President of the French Board of ESCP Europe, and Jean-Pierre Raffarin, French senator and professor at ESCP Europe, will also deliver speeches during the closing session.

A full-fledged partnership

Since 2009, ESCP Europe and the National School of Administration (ENA) have organised Start@Europe seminars jointly. Last December, both Schools signed a partnership agreement in order to develop together general and professional education programmes focusing on both private and public management. Through this partnership, greater collaboration and synergy has been achieved, thus augmenting both institution’s expertise. Since then, ENA has widened its field of research to include all aspects of interactions between the public and private sectors. Reciprocally, ESCP Europe has developed an interest in public management, thus epanding its expertise and broadening its teaching.

It should also be mentioned that this partnership agreement is in line with ENA joining the ‘Hautes Études-Sorbonne-Arts et Métiers’ Pole of Research and Higher Education (PRES HeSam) in June 2010, which was originally founded by nine renowned French higher-education institutions:

The success of this alliance is the culmination of our efforts to expand our network and share our expertise in management with our partners.

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