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Thursday 22 September 2016

U-SCHOOL (Unternehmerschule) Kamingespräch | Smart Transportation and Mobility – Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Solutions

E-Mobility, self-driving cars, and drones: Three topics are dominating the news around digital transportation and mobility. Against this background, Daniel Perlzweig (Bombardier), Marc Schmitt (Evertracker/Schmitt.) and Florian Feise (Local Motors) discussed trends and topics with René Mauer (Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation) at the U-SCHOOL (Unternehmerschule) Kamingespräch, on 14 September 2016.

Temperatures were high, but the discussion to the point. Two worlds are clashing: the train manufacturing company with products that need 200% security and have product life cycles of 40 or 50 years (about a person’s working life), vs. information technology companies who seem to be operating at light speed.

Perlzweig and Schmitt (both ESCP Europe alumni) confronted each other with their frustrations from the corporate and start-up world to the other side of the pond. Florian Feise, background in International Business Administration, then seemed to be giving hope to the collaboration. Just coming back from Las Vegas based InterDrone trade fair, hence was able to report on Local Motors's so far successful collaboration with Airbus on exploring new applications for drone technology.

The notion of digital brought the discussion back to hardware vs. information, leaving the audience once more wondering if highest quality hardware producers will actually lose market power against the new masters of information.

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