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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Update on the ESCP Europe Foundation

Q&A with Elisabetta Scanferla-Schmitt, Director of Development at the ESCP Europe Foundation.

Can you tell us a little about the ESCP Europe Foundation?

Elisabetta Scanferla-Schmitt: The ESCP Europe Foundation was launched in 2005 as an ESCP Europe Alumni initiative and since then it has worked to promote the School’s development.

The Foundation has five strategic areas of funding: Diversity, Research, Innovation in Teaching practices, International communication and European Identity. Earlier this year, thanks to our donors, the Foundation financed scholarships, granted in relation to our equal opportunity programme. A total of 131,700 euros was awarded to 27 students from various parts of the world. Students were chosen on the basis of both financial and academic criteria. The Foundation represents the five ESCP Europe campuses in supporting the School’s long-term development.

Who can support the School’s development through donations to the Foundation?

The individual involvement of all graduates is crucial to the School’s development. Each contribution is important and is recognized accordingly in our new Recognition Programme. We also receive donations from companies, who can choose to contribute in different ways – by funding a chair, a research project or providing scholarships. Contributors are entitled to claim tax deductions in most European countries. Over 800 graduates are regular contributors to the Foundation.

What is the outlook for fundraising in this difficult economic context?

It is a time in which fundraisers need to work extremely hard. The ESCP Europe Foundation concentrates on building the links between alumni and the school, communicating on the five strategic projects which need urgent funding. One of the major projects underway is the creation of an autonomous Foundation. Currently we are under the auspices of the Fondation de France. The Foundation is planned to become independent in 2012. In the more immediate future, we are organising our 2011 Assembly, a large annual event bringing together all of our donors and supporters. It will be held on 21 September 2011. This will be an opportunity for us to thank them for their commitment to the School!

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