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Monday 04 October 2010

Welcome to Christina Garsten, visiting Professor at ESCP Europe

Christina Garsten is professor and head of the Department of Social Anthropology (Stockholm University) and researcher at Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research).

Christina Garsten has been director of Score from 1999 to 2003.

Christina Garsten’s research interests are oriented towards the anthropology of organizations, with focus on the globalization of corporations and markets and on emerging forms of regulation and accountability in the labour market and in transnational trade. In recent years, she has been especially interested in organizational visions and practices aiming to promote more transparency and accountability at a global level. In what is often called "corporate social responsibility"(CSR), she has studied the perspectives of corporate managers on accountability and ethics. Christina has also done research on policy changes in the labour market, such as the emphasis on flexibility, employability and learning. She has done fieldwork in the US, UK, France and Sweden. Her current engagement is focused on the study of processes of organizing markets and what role international think tanks play in the fashioning of global markets.

During her stay at ESCP Europe until December 17, she will work with Professor Hervé Laroche on two projects: development of a research agenda for the study of ethical reflexivity, motivation loss and boredom in organizational work settings; and development of research on organizational transparency in connection with risk management and pandemics. She will also do some teaching and coaching of doctoral students, and will present her research at a Déjeuner-Recherche on November 23rd.

Some of her recent publications are Workplace Vagabonds (2008, Palgrave Macmillan), Organizing Transnational Accountability (ed. with Magnus Boström, 2008, Edward Elgar Publishing), Transparency in a New Global Order (2008, ed. with Monica Lindh de Montoya, Edward Elgar Publishing) and Ethical Dilemmas in Management (ed. with Tor Hernes, 2008, Routledge). Among earlier publications are Market Matters (2004, ed. with Monica Lindh de Montoya), Learning to be Employable (2004, ed. with Kerstin Jacobsson), New Technologies at Work (2003, ed. with Helena Wulff) and Moderna människor (2003, ed. with Kerstin Sundman).

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