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Wednesday 16 March 2016

What an unusual sight: 3 Teslas parking in our courtyard!

The Electric Vehicle Road Trip - a one-week tour of Europe in Tesla Model S electric cars - was stopping by at the Berlin campus yesterday.

We started with an introduction by the ESCP Europe roadtrip team with interesting facts about the trip's route and a video of the first day. Martin Oetting (Alumnus and Entrepreneur) was giving interesting insights about his experience as a Tesla owner and Ivo Haase (Entrepreneur and renewables expert) talked about energy efficiency, transport and climate change. During the EV team's stay, there were of course some opportunities to go for a ride in one of the Tesla vehicles.

Our Tesla roadtrip team will be on the road until Saturday - with a stop in Turin tomorrow and Paris on Friday.

>> Watch the video of the first part of the roadtrip:<wbr />2039c7c2fc

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