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ESCP Europe Torino Campus - ph Dan Tsantilis

Friday 25 August 2017

What are you expecting from ESCP Europe?

The answers of the new Master in Management students

During the Summer, we met some of the new Master in Management students who are going to start their ESCP Europe experience in Turin.

We asked them about their expectations regarding the Business School. ESCP Europe’s MIM is a life-changing program for highly motivated and career-focused students searching for an international business position in tomorrow's economic environment.

In September you are going to start your studies at ESCP Europe, what are you expecting?

Oreste De Felice: “Honestly, I am really excited about it. I hope that my studies at ESCP Europe will be an enlightening experience as well as provide me with the tools I will need to face my future challenges”.

Eugenio Cipolletta:  “I am looking forward to starting my studies at ESCP Europe and I believe that studying in such a prestigious business school will prepare me to face the business world with skills and useful contacts”.

Marco D’Addezio: “I am excited to start this program and make the most of the great learning opportunity I am going to receive from the ESCP Europe Master in Management. I know that what I experienced at the EIA is only a taste of the international and cross-cultural mind-set I will encounter through this program. I can’t wait to meet incredible and broadminded people among my colleagues and professors, ready for the changing world scenarios and who aim to play a key role in their profession”.

Erik Ferrarese: “First I’m expecting to feel immersed in a really international environment, in which the approach to learning is much more practical in comparison to normal universities. I expect to find a group of really smart people, ready to work hard and become successful in life, starting it their education and experiences in international companies. I also expect to have innovative and able professors who know how to teach what really matters in the business world. In the end, I really think it is important to find a place in which you are stimulated to create your own future without listening to what the “world” tells us about the crisis and other difficulties, a place that will teach us to react and put all our effort into changing this world”.

Sara Castellarin: “I’m looking forward to starting my first semester at ESCP Europe. The master will be a great challenge for me and I expect to find a very international and competitive environment, where I can get continuous new opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge”.

See you at ESCP Europe Turin Campus in September!

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