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Monday 30 June 2014

'What is it really like to be a CEO?' An Economy 21st 'Meet the Experts' lecture by Lawrie Philpott, Founder/CEO of Philpott Black

ESCP Europe's London campus provided a treat for visiting Executive MBA participants, alumni and external guests in the form of an 'Economy 21st: Meet the Experts' talk from Lawrie Philpott, founder of Philpott Black and formerly of PWC on 17th June.

The theme 'What is it really like to be a CEO?' provided much food for thought and generated many questions and discussions. Lawrie also provided anecdotes from his time at PWC (starting in its Coopers and Lybrand days), which took him around the world, leading teams and solving a range of challenging problems.

Lawrie presented the Business Focus Triangle for CEOs: the owners, the organisation and customers. He described how focusing on the organisation would be the key for a successful leader, as the best organisation would attract and retain the best people, generate the best PR and deliver the best outcomes for customers and shareholders. He said that a CEO should work 'on' and 'in' the organisation.

He also presented three key roles for leaders:

  • leading - setting the direction and communicating it effectively
  • managing - getting things done (efficiently and effectively) through people
  • coaching - helping people to develop and fulfil their potential

In working with and managing teams, Lawrie emphasised the importance of Single Point Accountability for clarity and responsibility

Lawrie also talked about the work his company does in coaching leaders to manage themselves, to run organisations and to lead teams in an ever changing global market. He showed a video of children expressing what the organisation of the future would have to provide them in terms of technology, live response times, personalisation and openness: highly challenging, even for the younger members of the audience.

As ever, the talk was followed by a long and lively networking session in the student lounge on campus.

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