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Thursday 20 October 2016

Why The Alumni Network of ESCP Europe's Marketing & Creativity Programme Strengthens Year after Year

Probably one of the most attractive aspects of any graduate degree is the strength of its alumni network.

The MSc in Marketing & Creativity (MMK) is a young programme which had its first intake in January 2010, but it has already proven to have a strong network of alumni who have continuously supported each other year after year since its inception.

The MSc in Marketing & Creativity is like no other programme

The most notable reason why the network is so strong is thanks to the programme's unique character. When asked why she thinks the pool of MSc in Marketing & Creativity graduates is so attractive, Edilia Gänz (2012) says, "their mindset. I just know that these students have developed a creative approach to solving problems and tackling challenges."

Indeed, the MSc in Marketing & Creativity degree breeds its graduates to think not only creatively and strategically, but also practically. What's more, the international aspect of the course is equally crucial in shaping the alumni as it primes them for an increasingly globalised world.

A programme immersed in creativity, yet highly practical

So far, there are no other programmes out there that focus so intently on real world challenges in the field. "No more feeling lost in theories found in books that I was struggling to apply. This course is about real cases, each student's own experiences, and few overarching lofty principles," says Aurelien Lemasson, who graduated in 2016.

Students who go through the MMK really do come out of it "specially trained" notes Alexia Genta, another alumna (2013) who was attracted to the course for its practical side. "Students graduating from this course share inside jokes and have bonded through unique experiences only possible with the MMK. It's really about training to think strategically and how to get things done."

The ability for students to think outside the box, in practical terms, is a highly valuable skill in the workforce. The practical nature of the programme is one that resonates with the majority of the alumni. When looking for employees to fill certain roles, they understand the calibre of the employee they are likely to get if they hire an MMK'er (as the MSc in Marketing & Creativity students and graduates call themselves).

A programme that attracts students from around the world

Another truly unique aspect of the programme is how international it is. In the pilot year alone, students hailed from Egypt, China, Kazakhstan, all over Europe and America. The degree has continued to attract students from all over, allowing the class to be uniquely exposed to multiple world-views.

This open cross-cultural environment only feeds into the students' out-of-the-box thinking, which is developed throughout the programme. It's also crucial in the increasingly globalised workforce of today. Alumni looking for students to join their teams will find this invaluable quality in their fellow MMK peers.

There's no doubt that students who graduate from this programme feel a real sense of connection to it and genuinely want to encourage students to apply. Alexia Genta was immediately attracted to the enthusiasm that the students exuberated when she checked out the programme at an open house. "When talking about the MMK, their eyes sparkled. I knew I had to be a part of it."

The MSc in Marketing & Creativity begins every January at ESCP Europe's London campus. Students spend three terms in the UK, before moving to the School's Paris campus for their final term. The programme is completed with a professional internship and master thesis. If you would like to find out more about the MMK, please visit

Alternatively, we would love to welcome you to the London campus on 29th October 2016 for our Autumn Open Day. Both the Programme Director and Admissions Coordinator will be in attendance and ready to answer any question you might have about becoming an MMK'er. We will also welcome one of our alumni, Fiona Disegni, who went on to create her own successful startip, Rentez-Vous, after graduating from the programme. Fiona will take part in our Entrepreneurial Alumni discussion panel during the event.

For more information and to book your place, visit

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