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Monday 04 March 2013

Wiki Stage World Premiere @ESCP Europe - a Movement for Free Education in Video

To start a movement for free education in video is the objective of Wiki Stage. Students and alumni from ESCP Europe and several other schools such as the École Centrale Paris, EM Lyon ESSEC, and Panthéon-Assas are launching a series of Wiki Stage Events with speeches and performances of 6 or 12 minutes. This new format allows the audience to experience a very dynamic show and to learn from more than 16 experts or performers in just one single afternoon. Each short YouTube video that is recorded on such an event will be made available online and therefore will add to the global puzzle of free education in video.

"Knowledge, art and culture" - are the areas represented on stage. Experts and performers from very different disciplines ensure a lively diversity of perspectives for the audience. The speakers enjoy three weeks of professional coaching before they step on stage to deliver their message. "All the world's a stage" is the quote from William Shakespeare that inspired the team to start this non-profit project. "By offering people anywhere to join our cause, we want to encourage others to invite exciting speakers to their Wiki Stage Events. This way, we have the chance to film them and to share these voices with the world" says Johannes Bittel, recent ESCP Europe graduate and founder of the project.

ESCP Europe is very proud to host the first Wiki Stage Event in the world on March 30th on its Paris campus. 400 people can witness the Wiki Stage World Premiere in the main theatre of ESCP Europe and tickets are now available for sale:

For more information in video have a look at:

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