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Thursday 13 November 2014

You're never too old to innovate!

At ESCP Europe, we are really proud of our distinctive programmes. They offer students a chance to study management differently by insisting on the practical aspects of theories and focusing on real-world implications.

Over the last two centuries, ESCP Europe has developed a wide range of programmes, from generalist ones - such as the top-ranked Master in Management or the Master in European Business - to more specialised examples like the MSc in Marketing and Creativity. All are deeply rooted in the European humanistic values tradition and benefit from our unique multi-campus offering, meaning students can experience several European countries throughout their studies and often receive multiple national degrees.

Our new programme, the Bachelor in Management, will welcome its first student cohort in September 2015. It innovates in many ways, primarily by offering the possibility of studying in three different countries over three years. Students all start in London, and finish together in Berlin. In between, they have the choice to spend their second year in Madrid or Torino (and from 2017 onwards, Paris). This will make our BSc graduates highly adaptable to different cultural contexts and extremely employable. Secondly, it is a management programme rooted in the liberal arts tradition, meaning students are offered a chance to study more than simply business and management. In addition to core business courses, the curriculum includes economics, law, world history, psychology and sociology, among other disciplines. All are essential for understanding not only management as a discipline, but also the world in which businesses and institutions operate and interact.

Over the last two years, we have been working hard with a dedicated team to design a distinctive programme tailored to the needs and wants of modern student generations. ESCP Europe's Bachelor in Management is generalist enough to not close any doors, and allows talented students to experience a world-class management education while traveling to some of Europe's most fascinating cities.

Welcome to the Bachelor in Management at ESCP Europe!

Prof. Ben Voyer
Academic Director of the Bachelor in Management
ESCP Europe London Campus

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