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Tuesday 11 October 2016

ESCP Europe Business School and Energy Delta Institute sign Memorandum of Understanding

ESCP Europe Business School Associate Professor & Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM) Executive Director Dr Kostas Andriosopoulos and Energy Delta Institute (EDI) President Marcel Kramer signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 3rd October on the sidelines of the 6th St. Petersburg Gas Forum.

The purpose of the MoU is to develop further joint aims in academic excellence by delivering world-class training programmes that respond to the current challenges faced by the industry. It also aims to expand the international network of energy experts through events and networking opportunities.

The MoU recognises the importance of the strategic relationship and enable ongoing, broad engagement between ESCP Europe Business School and Energy Delta Institute. Both organisations have a strong commitment to excellence and innovation in aspects such as: research, education, technology development and the transfer of knowledge.

The signing of the agreement celebrated past successes and manifests the desire of both organisations to continue to strengthen their relationship moving forward. Since 2015, ESCP Europe Business School and EDI have run a number of successful collaborative projects, which have delivered significant benefits.

The timeline of the MoU will be sixteen months, during the course of which, it will give ESCP Europe Business School and EDI more channels to promote cutting edge joint academic offering, boost communication and networking opportunities.

About the Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM)

The RCEM's Mission is to build a strong proactive partnership between energy corporations, government agencies, and the academic community, in preparation for a new energy era. This is achieved through the promotion of rigorous and objective empirical research on issues related to energy management, finance, and policy, in order to support decision-making by both government and industry. The results of RCEM's research become available to the public through publications, workshops and conferences, educational programmes and other public outreach activities. Research at RCEM is enhanced through direct cooperation with government agencies, and academic and industry associates from across the globe.

About Energy Delta Institute
Energy Delta Institute (EDI) is an international energy business school. Through a rich variety of energy training courses and networking activities we prepare energy professionals for challenges they face in what is a dynamic environment. EDI was founded in 2002 by GasTerra B.V., N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, OAO Gazprom, Shell and the University of Groningen, later joined by A.Hak, EBN and Enagás. The energy community has come to appreciate EDI as a platform on which both partners and participants can exchange energy knowledge. The changing energy world is forcing companies to innovate in order to stay competitive. In addition, the energy sector faces the possibility of a growing shortage of qualified personnel over the coming decades. The sector has only one choice: to invest in knowledge.

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