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Wednesday 02 November 2016

8th edition of Start@Europe: the Master in Management on the European startingblocks

831 first-year students of the ESCP Europe Master in Management (MIM), from five of the school's European campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin), meet at the Square Brussels Meeting Center on November 3 and 4, 2016, to work on the revision of the Posted Workers Directive.


ESCP Europe Dean, Frank Bournois, declares "In the current context of pervasive Euroscepticism, ESCP Europe is called upon to reaffirm its profoundly European perspective.
Start@Europe allows our students from diverse backgrounds to live an experience that will not only provide them with an understanding of an important managerial issue, and an insight in the mechanical functioning of European institutions and their impact on the lives of companies, but also with an opportunity to re-enchant Europe."

During the two-day simulation, the students don the different roles of European parliament functions and participate in the legislative process. In their roles as deputies or as members of the Commission or the Council, students may familiarize themselves with European institutions while working on a topic from the European parliamentary agenda.

Scientific Director of the MIM Fabien De Geuser adds "Our Master in Management students are fully integrated in the European Union's current political and economic discussions. This full-scale simulation exercise is a unique experience and the work started during this inaugural seminar will continue throughout the year."

ESCP Europe, with the support of ENA, has designed this Start@Europe immersion programme, where students are mentored by Faculty and distinguished personalities from the economic sector and politics.

For two days, during plenary sessions and in parliamentary committees and work groups, students will negotiate a draft revision of the 1996 Posted Workers Directive. They will thus cover a highly political but also managerial issue, allowing them to better understand the interconnections between the two worlds. The seminar will close with a solemn vote by the students.

The first-year students of the ESCP Europe Master in Management will then choose a name for their promotion.

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