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Thursday 25 June 2015

ESCP Europe announces new strategy to create tomorrow’s international business leaders

ESCP Europe, the only truly pan-European business school, has launched its new ‘Cultures for Business’ or ‘C4B’ strategy designed to develop a new generation of international and transnational business leaders, who can understand and embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity.

From September the School will move towards ensuring all students spend time on several of the School’s campuses in six leading European cities – Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Torino and, from July, Warsaw – and will also help them to achieve fluency in three major languages.




In a genuinely global economy the embracing of cultural diversity is essential to the training of future business leaders” says ESCP Europe’s Dean, Dr Frank Bournois. “With all its complexity and diversity, Europe is the ideal laboratory in which to study the impact of multi-culturalism and then apply the lessons learned on the global stage. As one of our students put it recently, if you can succeed in business in such a challenging commercial and cultural ‘hot house’ as Europe, then you can succeed anywhere.”

Other components of the C4B strategy will include:

  • The development of a pan-European ‘incubator’ to promote international entrepreneurship
  • An increased focus on digital business through the roll-out of Madrid’s Digital Executive Master in International Business (Digital EMIB) across all six campuses and the launch of a new Executive Master Programme in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • The integration of arts and social science subjects into dedicated business education to create more ‘rounded’ graduates
  • Specific courses and modules focused on how make the most of cultural differences in a business context
  • The encouragement and sponsorship of more cross-border academic research leading to a target of more than 50% of the annual total published
  • Greater diversity amongst the student body. The School has set itself a target of 15% of its graduates holding qualifications in both business and some form of engineering and is also setting up scholarships and transition programmes targeted at potential students from underprivileged backgrounds. In addition ESCP Europe is aiming to raise the number of nationalities in its student body from the present 90 through dedicated and targeted international awareness campaigns.
  • A new Bachelor in Management programme beginning in September in London with students studying at three campuses over three years

“ESCP Europe offers the most mature example of multi-campus business education designed specifically for tomorrow’s international manager,” says Simon Mercado, Director of ESCP Europe’s London campus. “The need for high calibre graduates with a multi-cultural, global perspective is only going to increase as companies continue to reach out into new and challenging markets. And we believe that the C4B strategy, where students will begin their international career from the very first day of their programme, is exactly what is needed to deliver such individuals.”

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