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Monday 14 September 2015

ESCP Europe students mobilised to help refugees

As thousands of refugees arrive in Europe, ESCP Europe students join forces in line with the school’s humanistic values and launch the ‘Insertion of the Heart’ project.

Together with alumnus Alexandre Lederman (ESCP Europe 1988), co-founder of the well known French charity Restos du Cœur and senior lecturer at ESCP Europe for a series of conferences on Management and Creativity, the School is launching the humanitarian project on its different campuses, starting with Paris.

The concept: mobilise the know-how and energy of the ESCP Europe community to help refugees with work permits to find similar jobs to those they held in their home countries before leaving. In exchange, as soon as these participants find work they morally accept to help their respective communities to find employment, thus creating a snowball effect.

ESCP Europe students are organising workshops to help refugees to find jobs, e.g. workshops on preparing a CV, interview training, coaching for refugee students, and much more. The objective is to help refugees who are young graduates or experienced managers, who speak English and another language to quickly find work. Starting on Monday, 14th September, ESCP Europe Paris campus students will be contacting refugee aid associations to offer their services and provide assistance. In the following weeks, students will create workshops; outplacement job opportunities will be offered, especially by ESCP Europe Alumni. The minimum period of assistance envisaged is three months; other services could be developed in time, if needed.

The project is being launched immediately to respond to the emergency, and the initiative is being incorporated into the Company Projects portion of the the MEB (Master in European Business) programme, coordinated by Affiliate Professor Amaury de Buchet (ESCP Europe 1993). In broader terms, all ESCP Europe students will be mobilised, represented by the president of the Student's Association (BDE), Irénée Valette.

Alexandre Lederman (ESCP Europe 1988) says: "In 1985, there was a real emergency for food aid. In 2015, there is also a major emergency for employment. Our principle is that each person we train and assist does the same for ten others in his/her community.”

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