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Wednesday 12 October 2016


After three successful and inspiring years, UNTERNEHMERSCHULE
is extended to a more European audience and faces a fundamental challenge
of the concept’s core ideas: UNTERNEHMERSCHULE now becomes the “U-SCHOOL”.

The “U” represents both our reference to Unternehmertum as the German expression for entrepreneurship and our focus on YOU. As a whole, the U-SCHOOL commits to help you strengthen your entrepreneurial skill set and to make your innovative ideas become real.

Three years ago, everything started with one question: “How to train people for entrepreneurial action in various contexts?” –  during a panel debate at ESCP Europe, when a group of entrepreneurs and academics discussed the role of business schools in the education of entrepreneurs. The group identified the need for an entrepreneurial education programme that would combine a strong academic basis with deep practical insights. As ESCP Europe has been dedicated to business innovation and visionary entrepreneurs since the foundation of the school in 1819, the decision was quickly made: we will co-create an entrepreneurial leadership programme.

In the ideation phase, we agreed to create a programme for the demands of entrepreneurs and innovation managers, combining the knowledge of professors with the experiences and know-how of successful entrepreneurs. We pooled our competencies, prototyped, pivoted and finally created the first edition of “UNTERNEHMERSCHULE”.

The first intake in 2014 brought together a diverse group of people, united by a truly entrepreneurial spirit. It was a truly promising jump into the new programme. Since the start, start-up founders, family business managers, intrapreneurs from large corporations and social entrepreneurs bring in different perspectives and learn from each other, all striving to develop their entrepreneurial competencies — for themselves, for their companies and the society.

The UNTERNEHMERSCHULE has grown up since then, and still keeps changing as we constantly adapt the programme to the needs of our unique cohorts as well as to the latest developments in entrepreneurship, business and society. Having grown to a more international programme, we call it now U-SCHOOL.

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