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Friday 17 June 2016

ESCP Europe's London campus hosts 7th edition of customised NATO Executive Development Programme

How do you unite 24 future leaders from several of the world's NATO agencies to build one strong, multicultural working group across a year? Think ESCP Europe's customised executive programmes.

Following years of close partnership, the 2015/16 academic year marked the 7th edition of the thriving NATO Executive Development Programme (NEDP).

The nine months of programme delivery comprised distance learning from top-notch ESCP Europe faculty and five residential modules.

These started with an intense and revealing September seminar on ESCP Europe's London campus, followed by further sessions at different NATO bodies in Naples, Rome, and Norfolk, VA (USA). They came to a successful conclusion during the week of 23rd to 27th May, with one last seminar at NATO headquarters in Brussels and an outstanding graduation ceremony on the evening of the 26th.

Our 24 talented participants have grown brilliantly in personal leadership, while developing key skills in general management and team-building. They have developed an unmatched understanding of NATO's complex structure and decision-making processes.

This last session will be remembered particularly for the fantastic outcomes and memories of their experiences that participants shared, and for the strong spirit of belonging that emerged within their group.

They now join a powerful network of 168 alumni across all editions, and leave the stage to the promising 8th edition beginning next September.

What 2016 participants said:

"[The NEDP is] a powerful way of creating an amplified team spirit in a team that is already good but could do better."

"I like the way it was set up - to experience first and then show theory. I've been used to learning techniques [in the style of] ‘monkey see, monkey do'. This was definitely more confronting."

"[The NEDP challenged] my preconceptions, [got me] out of my comfort zone, and learning from others in the group."

To find out more about how ESCP Europe's customised programmes can help your company maximise its potential, please contact:

Francesco Morrone, Senior Manager of Corporate Services
Tel: +44 (0)20 7443 8816

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