Student life

A strong sense of school spirit and community is a defining characteristic of ESCP Europe. Involvement in extra-curricular activities and student associations is strongly encouraged as we consider it an essential part of personal well-being and professional development.

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Student life on each of the campuses is shaped by the initiatives and activities offered by some fifty clubs and associations which organise networking, and artistic and cultural events, political discussions, sports tournaments, social events, humanitarian activities, etc.

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Student life & associations
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Elected by the students, the Student Union plays an important role within the school. Agora bridges the gap between the student body and the administration on the different campuses. It provides a forum and proposes ideas on a wide range of topics concerning your life as a student at ESCP Europe. The Student Union also organises social events which encourage networking amongst different year groups, programmes and nationalities.

Student Societes' Board (SSB)

Elected by the students, the SSB organises social events which encourage networking amongst different intakes and nationalities. The Board drives and coordinates the student societies present on all 6 campuses.

Call ON'U

A cross-campus organisation which prepares its yearly participation at the NMUN in New York City. Around 4,000 students from top universities worldwide embody diplomats and represent their country in various UN committees such as the Security Council or UNICEF. Members gain a unique experience in the spirit of European and international diplomatic relations.

Junior Enterprise

A student-run business association which works with corporate clients across Europe on a wide range of business ventures. The association attracts businessminded individuals keen to pursue their personal development on genuine business projects.

Sports Clubs & activities

Sports activities have a long tradition at ESCP Europe, and the Paris campus alone offers around 30 different disciplines. London campus students have access to the various sporting facilities at City University, and the Torino campus organises an annual regatta, bringing together both students and alumni.

Major Events
ESCP Europe students organise a wide range of events such as:

The ESCP Europe Entrepreneurship Festival

Each year, ESCP Europe and the Smart-Up society honours Jean-Baptiste Say, the co-founder of ESCP Europe Business School. The vision is to unite students, entrepreneurs, investors and potential customers, allowing them to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The event is a unique opportunity for students to present their innovative ideas to potential stakeholders and gain first-hand feedback and support for project development.

The ESCP Europe Ski Event

The ESCP Europe Ski Event is an annual event organised by an international team of students, where networking, sport and fun merge together in a unique atmosphere. Students from all six ESCP Europe campuses attend the event, together with alumni and representatives from top international companies. The structure, concept and objective of the event is similar to that of the Regatta: to enhance networking between students, companies and alumni, and to deliver to firms the opportunity of recruiting students from one of the best business schools in the world. The ESCP Europe Ski Event represents a unique opportunity to fully exploit the potential of an international school, and to foster both fun and education. We believe that the ESCP Europe spirit combined with passion for sport makes this event unforgettable.

The ESCP Europe Regatta

The ESCP Europe Regatta symbolises what ESCP Europe is all about. Once a year, students from all six campuses, as well as members of staff, faculty and alumni, gather in Italy for a weekend at sea. The event is a unique opportunity to fully exploit the potential of a multi-campus school and to strengthen and broaden the group spirit key to the ESCP Europe community. The ESCP Europe Regatta has become a landmark in the School’s sporting, networking and social calendar. Working in teams to take first place, the event allows for excellent group bonding and the continued development of team-building skills.

The London Campus Annual Gala

Every spring the students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of ESCP Europe come together in London to celebrate the School’s achievements over the past 12 months. The Annual Gala takes place at a different high profile location each year, with guests enjoying a champagne reception followed by a three-course meal, music provided by talented ESCP Europe students, a charity prize draw, and a party that carries on all night. The Annual Gala is the highlight of the London campus’ social calendar. We look forward to celebrating ESCP Europe with you at the next one!