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ESCP Europe Alumni

50,000 Alumni

over 200 nationalities

in 150 countries worldwide

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ESCP Europe Alumni

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The ESCP Europe network counts more than 50,000 members representing over 200 nationalities present in over 150 countries worldwide. Being part of ESCP Europe means joining a dynamic and cross-cultural community of which our alumni are a very important factor.

Our alumni regularly

  • Enrich our programmes either by presenting their professional experience in specific sessions or by giving a complete course
  • Offer internships, projects, and job opportunities to our students around the world
  • Help us to recruit new students either by joining an admissions jury or by participating in one of our tradeshows
  • Become members of various boards and governance structures across our five campuses
  • Contribute to our faculty's research projects
  • Participate in our conferences and events
  • Come back to continue their studies with our broad range of Executive Education programmes and trainings
  • Support our development via the ESCP Europe Foundation and contribute to the School's evolution

All of our alumni are invited to participate in ESCP Europe event
s. This includes school Galas, taking place across all 6 campuses and exciting sporting events such as the Regatta held in Italy each year.

Stay in contact by subscribing to our newsletter and our social media pages. Keep updated and take a look at our YouTube Channel to watch videos of your former professors talking about their specific areas of expertise.

The ESCP Europe Regatta symbolises what ESCP Europe is all about, bringing together our community from all around the world. Once a year alumni, students, staff and faculty members gather in Italy for a weekend at sea, sailing and having fun together. This event has become a landmark in the School’s sporting, networking and social calendar.