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Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos (Kostas) is the Executive Director of the Research Centre for Energy Management at ESCP Europe Business School where he holds the position of Associate Professor in Finance and Energy Economics. He is also the Academic Director of the full-time (MEM) and the Executive (EMEM) Masters in Energy Management. In this function he teaches courses at postgraduate level in “Corporate Finance”, “Real Options for Project Valuation”, “Energy Markets” and “Energy Risk Management”.  

Kostas holds a PhD in Finance (Cass Business School, City University London), where he has been the recipient of the prestigious Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation’s scholarship. He also holds an MBA and MSc in Finance (Northeastern University, Boston, USA), and a bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering and Management (Technical University of Crete, Greece).   

Kostas’ current interests include energy-related geopolitical issues, price modelling, financial engineering and the application of operational research tools on risk management and investment techniques in energy, shipping and agricultural commodity markets. His work has been published in international finance- and commodity-related Journals (Journal of Banking and Finance, European Journal of Operational Research, European Journal of Finance, Energy Economics, Energy Journal, Transportation Research: Part E, among others), and has been presented in recognised conferences world-wide. He is the Associate Editor for the International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management, he has edited special issues in recognised journals (Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Journal of Banking and Finance, Computers and Operations Research, Energy Systems, Journal of Energy Markets etc), acts as a reviewer for a number of academic journals, and has organised numerous international conferences.  

In addition to his academic profile he has an extensive professional experience in the business world. Kostas was from June 2014 to November 2015 the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Greek Public Gas Corporation (DEPA).  Kostas has served as an advisor for a number of international clients from the energy, food, manufacturing, web & software, commodity trading and shipping industries. He is also member of the board of Symmetria Ltd., a family owned commodities brokerage and trading firm. He has also worked for the British Bankers’ Association reporting directly to the senior Director for Retail Banking and the CEO (2007).

Kostas is a member in various professional and academic associations such as the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (Chairman), the Global Gas Center (Board Member), the World Energy Council, the International Association for Energy Economics, Financial Engineering and Banking Society (Board Member), and Technical Chamber of Greece. Moreover, he was a member of the Energy Commission of the Industry and Parliament Trust in the UK (2012-13). He is also a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma honour society, which recognizes outstanding academic achievements of students enrolled in collegiate business and management programs.

Kostas’ mother tongue is Greek, he is fluent in English, and has a basic knowledge in Italian. He lives in London with his wife Chrysoula and his two children, Maria and Dimitris.

Corporate Finance
Financial Engineering
Financial Markets

Conference Proceedings

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