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Chair of
International Financial Markets

Prof. Dr. Houdou Basse Mama, International Financial Markets, Berlin campus, ESCP EuropeAt the Chair of International Financial Markets, we are interested in markets and information intermediaries. Our teaching and research interests lie at the intersection of secondary financial markets and real economic activity. Specific topics include asset pricing, real effects of prices, information transfer, political risk, financial misconduct, and the gravity of culture for finance. We believe that financial markets have a major role to play in inducing sustainable development and in achieving intra- and inter-generational justice. Our work attempts to help redirect finance to its primary function of lubricant that greases the wheels of real economic activity. On the methodological front, we espouse a strong theory-driven empirical and interdisciplinary stance.

- Prof. Dr. Houdou Basse Mama

The team

From left to right: Maximilian Schlake, Prof. Dr. Houdou Basse Mama, Stefan Müller.


In teaching finance courses, we believe in (i) hands-on experience and making students acquire knowledge rather than learning facts only, and (ii) hard work. Our sense is that research should inform and affect teaching, while knowledge acquisition in finance runs substantially through theory-driven empirical analyses using historical data from financial markets. How would one ever learn how to swim if one never touches water?

The Chair of International Financial Markets offers a diversified portfolio of courses with a strong empirical component in different programs of the School:

Master in

  • International Finance
  • International Capital Markets
  • Portfolio Management
  • Empirical Methods in Finance
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MBA in
International Management

  • Portfolio Management
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  • International Finance
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  • Publication Seminar (joint teaching with professors K. Alfes, M. Bick, and R. Wilken)
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Course offers

  • Sustainable and Responsible Investments
  • Ethics in Finance
  • Causal Inference for Social Sciences (Ph.D. level)
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Research at the intersection of financial markets and real economic activity

Research approach

In keeping with the remit of the professorship, markets and information intermediaries, not financial institutions, form the testbed of our research. We do research at the intersection of financial markets and real economic activity, cover international equity and fixed-income markets, and espouse a strong theory-driven empirical and interdisciplinary focus. Our work focuses on five main areas of interest as discussed below.

Research topics

Real Effects of Financial Markets

At the core of investigation is the question of whether or not real-decision makers (should) learn from prices formed on secondary financial markets.

Empirical Asset Pricing

This line of research seeks to understand stock market pricing dynamics – that is, to empirically uncover how investors impound information into security prices, and the role of investor biases in digesting information.

Information Transfer in Financial Markets

This strand of our research centers on how investors obtain information about firms. We specifically explore the effects of information transmission through information intermediaries, investor relations departments, and central bank communications.

International Finance

Here, we are interested in the nexus of foreign direct investment and environmental policy, political risk, financial market development, and in the ability of culture to affect finance.

Sustainable Finance

We tackle such themes as financial market misconduct, stakeholder engagement, sustainable and responsible investments, impact investing, and microfinance.

Focus on:
Last Publications

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (PRJ)

BASSE MAMA, H. and A. BASSEN (2017), Neglected Disciplinary Effects of Investor Relations: Evidence from Corporate Cash Holdings, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ECONOMICS, Vol. 87, Issue 2, pp. 221-261.

PhD Dissertation completed

BASSE MAMA, H. (2010), Information dissemination, market efficiency and the joint test issue, Books on Demand.

Articles in Professional Journals

BASSEN, A., BASSE MAMA, H., KOCH, N. and S. ROTHE (2013), Fremdfinanzierung als Teil der Unternehmensfinanzierung im Mittelstand, Corporate Finance biz, 3, 146-155.

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Team and contact

Prof. Dr. Houdou Basse Mama, Chair Owner of the Chair of International Financial Markets, Berlin campus, ESCP Europe

Prof. Dr. Houdou Basse Mama

Chair of International Financial Markets
Dipl.-Math. Stefan Müller, Research Assistant, Chair of International Financial Markets, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Dipl.-Math. Stefan Müller

Research assistant / PhD student