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Chair of

Prof. Dr. Franck Wilken, Chair Owner of the Marketing Chair, Berlin campus, ESCP EuropeMarketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” (American Marketing Association). The Berlin campus Chair of Marketing at ESCP Europe educates students in all the school’s programmes, undertakes exhaustive research activities, and interacts with the business community on an international level to promote the marketing discipline in how it is applied practically and in its further conceptual development. We put special emphasis on permanently integrating technological innovations, social changes, and current economic trends into our teaching and thinking. On our discipline and its methodology, we take a broad perspective, but have developed deepened expertise in areas such as services, sales and value in marketing.

- Prof. Dr. Frank Jacob

The team

Back row (from left to right): Kea Hartwig, Martina Seikat / Front row (from left to right): Sabine Scholz, Prof. Dr. Frank Jacob, Nicole Bulawa

We offer the following courses:

Bachelor in
Management (BSc)

  • The Art and Science of Selling
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Master in

  • Industrial Marketing
  • International Business Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior & Organizational Buying
  • Selling & Sales
  • Selling & Negotiations
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MSc in International Sales Management

  • Consumer Behavior & Organizational Buying
  • Selling & Negotiations
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Master in
Marketing & Creativity London

  • Selling & Distribution
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Executive MBA

  • Core Course Marking
  • Service Management
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General Management Programme

  • Core Course Marking
  • Service Management
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  • Quantitative Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung
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Additionally, Professor Jacob is teaching in various internal and external executive and customized programmes


Research approach

The marketing discipline rests on two major pillars of analysis: the profound understanding of customers on the demand side of a market, and insights into the systematic implementation of customer directed activities on the supply side. For capturing the previous, we build on established theories of consumer psychology, organizational behavior, and value conceptualization. For the latter, we closely monitor changes, innovations and trends on what companies in the ever-ongoing competition within the marketplace for customer attention and attraction. In the past, we often focused on the concept of customer integration, i.e. approaches designed to invite customers for collaboration and joint activities. Currently and for the future, we observe and sense interesting phenomena for marketing emerging from the all-encompassing digitization and the great power of the internet. In all our research, we take a clear stance for a solid substantiation of any new proposition put forth in extensive empirical work that follows state of the art methodology. We aim to create research output that is relevant for international research conferences and eligible for publication in world class research journals. Any of our activities was, is and will always be open for internal and external partners to cooperate.

Research topics

Investigating the concept of value-in-use

Value-in-use has become a major topic in marketing theory and practice, in which its emergence is closely linked to that of service-dominant logic (SDL). The central idea is that it is not tangible goods per se, but rather the use of these goods that creates the basis for economic exchange and contributes to the creation of value. This research project aims to investigate the value-in-use concept from both the customer and the firm perspective. Consequently, the objective is to gain an in-depth understanding of how customers perceive and assess value-in-use as well as how practitioners should adapt their marketing approach in order to convey value-in-use successfully.

Identifying shopping motivations and typologies in curated retailing

This project attempts to deepen understanding of a unique service innovation in the modern multichannel retailing environment that has gained attention, particularly in the fashion and apparel industry: curated retailing. Its central idea is to combine the best of both online and offline worlds – namely, convenient online shopping and personal consultation. Stylists support consumers in their shopping process by preselecting products tailor-made to their individual preferences. However, to date, little extant research addresses curated retailing, and knowledge of curated retail shoppers’ motivations and typologies is still scant. With our research efforts, we intend to fill this gap.

Understanding and managing problem solving in the sales context

The contemporary portray of the modern salesperson is that of a problem solver for the customer. However, for different customer groups, different categories of market offerings and different marketing strategies, the nature, both, of a problem and its solution may vary a lot. This projects aims at better understanding underlying mechanisms and systematically spell out recommendations for sales management in the context of solutions selling.

Focus on:
Last Publications


Kundenintegration und Leistungslehre, (with Sabine Fließ, Michaela Haase & Michael Ehret), Gabler, Wiesbaden 2015

Articles in reviewed journals

Who Made Our Clothes Under Which Conditions? A Call for Ethical Standards in the Fashion Supply Chain, Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology (2018), S. 1-4 (zusammen mit Anna Sebald)

Book chapters & contributions

Trends für Marketing und Sales 2017, Pressemitteilung, ESCP Europe, Jacob, Frank 2016

Articles in professional journals & press

Kunst lieben und mit ihr leben, Stiftung & Sponsoring (2013), Jg. 16, H. 3, S. 12-13 (zusammen mit Katherina Bruns und Valery von Waldow)

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Team and contact

Prof. Dr. Frank Jacob, Chair owner, Chair of Marketing, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Prof. Dr. Frank Jacob

Chair Owner & European Academic Director
MSc in SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management
Sabine Scholz, Assistant, Chair of Finance, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Sabine Scholz

Nicole Bulawa, Research Assistant/PhD student, Chair of Marketing, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Nicole Bulawa

Research assistant / PhD student
Kea Hartwig, Research Assistant/PhD student, Chair of Marketing, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Kea Hartwig

Research assistant / PhD student
Dr. Jane Nikolitsch, Lecturer, Chair Marketing, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Dr. Jane Nikolitsch