We're happy to annouce another accepted publication from Kerstin Alfes. This time in the journal Public Administration.

Latest publication

Alfes & Ritz, (2017). Multi-Cultural Public Administration: Effects of Language Diversity and Dissimilarity on Public Employees’ Attachment toward Employment. In: Public Administration.

Chair of Organisation and Human Resource Management


In the Chair of Organisation and Human Resource Management, we start our research  and teaching with any organisation’s most important (and often overlooked) asset: its employees. We believe that it is people’s personality, knowledge, and skills that give a competitive edge to organisations. We explore the extent to which their motivation and willingness to contribute their knowledge and dedicate effort into their daily performance is influenced by organisational and human resource management (HRM) decisions.

Our research centers on the individual employee’s role in the organisation. Current research areas are:

  • Strategic HRM

  • Engagement

  • Overqualification

  • Digitalisation

  • Leadership


Team of the Chair for Organisation and Human Resource Management, ESCP Europe at Berlin