New Journal Article

Schmid, Stefan/Altfeld, Frederic/Dauth Tobias (2018):
Americanization as a driver of CEO pay in Europe: The moderating role of CEO power

Published in: Journal of World Business

New Journal Article

Schmid, Stefan/Altfeld, Frederic (2018):
International work experience and compensation: Is more always better for CFOs?

Published in: European Management Journal

New Case Study

Schmid, Stefan/Altfeld, Frederic (2017):
Airbus – Managing the Legacy of a Complex International Merger 

Published in: Technologie, Strategie und Organisation, edited by W. Burr/M. Stephan, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden, 2017, pp. 287-308.

Chair of International Management and Strategic Management


"The internationalization of companies has become so complex that International Management has emerged as a distinct discipline within Business and Management Studies. In research and in teaching, the Chair is concerned with strategic, organizational and cultural problems of international companies. In order to be competitive, a company needs more than a clear concept of internationalization; in the field of Strategic Management we therefore place great emphasis on general processes of target definition, strategic analysis, strategy formulation and strategy implementation in teaching and research. The Chair aims at combining theory with practical orientation in both fields, in International Management and in Strategic Management. Publications and teaching are to reflect this aim."

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmid
Holder of the Chair