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ESCP Europe is committed to ensuring the brightest students can reach their potential, no matter what their financial circumstances.

As such, we offer a range of scholarships. Click the links below or scroll down to find out more information:

Bachelor in Management (BSc)

The ESCP Europe scholarship programme is based on a mix of criteria, which include merit, diversity and financial needs.

Scholarships are competitive and cover 25% to 50% of the tuition fees (the 1st registration fee is not covered by the scholarship). They are renewable each year on condition of academic achievement, behavior and involvement in the ESCP Europe community.

Applications for scholarships: students wishing to be considered for scholarships apply once they have been admitted to the programme and will need to submit financial information (evidence of household income), in addition to documents previously provided.

Admitted students applying for scholarships will be notified of the decision before they have to pay the non-refundable €2,500 deposit (which is due even if a scholarship is awarded).

Master in Management

ESCP Europe MIM scholarships available to European Union citizens are need-based and finance 25%, 50% or 100% of the first Master year tuition fees.

ESCP Europe Foundation scholarships, available to non-European students, are merit-based.  The amount of the award is variable.

French students can apply for Higher Education Grants awarded by CROUS. Students benefiting from a CROUS scholarship (levels 1 to 7) are 100% financed by ESCP Europe, and thus do not have any tuition fee to pay during their first year of studies at ESCP Europe.

Sources of information on scholarships include Education UK, Campus France, DAAD (Germany), Squeaker (Germany), AECID (Spain),,,

Local Scholarships: You may also be able to obtain financial aid from your home country. Please contact the relevant local government bodies and/or foundations.

If you should have any questions regarding your scholarship options while studying at ESCP Europe, please contact

MBA in International Management

We have a range of financing options, as well as scholarships for eligible candidates, which can help towards funding the programme.

1. Early Bird rate: €5,000 reduction of the programme fee for applications submitted before 30 April 2018.  ​

2. Grants awarded after each admission session :

Excellence grant: up to €8,000

This grant is based on the candidate's application results.

Diversity and Merit grants: up to €7,000

These grants are based on the candidate's profile: educational background, work experience, personality and unique profile (specific geographical zones, life experience, etc.) as well as academic results.

Financial need-based scholarships: up to €7,000

Applications are only available to students already enrolled in the programme. Each application will be reviewed in September by the ESCP Europe scholarship commission.

Contact one of our admissions coordinators for any questions you may have about scholarships.

MSc in Marketing & Creativity

Our scholarships are intended for students who require financial assistance to fund their studies. We aim to make full decisions regarding these offers and awards well in advance of the course start date. 

Partial scholarships of £3,000 will be awarded on the basis of:

  • Financial need
  • Merit during the admission process
  • Likely personal contribution to the programme
  • Outstanding academic achievement and potential

Candidates with exceptional financial circumstances will be assessed on an individual basis. 

Please note that applications for scholarships must be received on or before the deadline specified below. Results will not be confirmed until you have been accepted on to the programme and the scholarship deadline has passed. The scholarship jury will take place approximately two weeks after each scholarship deadline. Applicants will be informed of their result whether positive or negative.

For the MSc Marketing & Creativity, there are four scholarship application deadlines:

  • 15 July 2018
  • 7 October 2018
  • 18 November 2018
  • 9 December 2018


  • You may make only one scholarship application per intake.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • We are not able to change your form once you have submitted it.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to provide all requested documents. These must be in English or come with English translations. If in doubt, please send all documentation available; it is better for us to receive too much information than have vital papers missing!


Please read the Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form carefully before beginning and submitting your application.

Please scroll down for info on loans and bursaries you may apply to as an MSc in Marketing & Creativity student.

MSc in Energy Management

ESCP Europe strives to attract the best students, regardless of their financial background. As such, the School offers a selection of financial need and merit-based scholarships. Around 400 are awarded each year, representing a total of €1,500,000. 

  • The MSc in Energy Management offers partial scholarships worth up to £9,000 to students on the basis of both academic excellence and financial need.

To apply for the ESCP Europe MSc in Energy Management scholarship, please download the Guidance Notes and Application Form.

There are three deadlines for the scholarship application:

  • 9th February, 2018
  • 4th May, 2018
  • 13th July, 2018

      All information given in the scholarship application must be supported by full official documentation which confirms all data and amounts declared therein. It is the responsibility of the candidate to supply this documentation, and incomplete applications will not be considered. If in doubt, please send all documentation available; it is better for us to receive too much information than have vital papers missing!

      Documents must be in English or come with English translations.


      Some countries provide scholarships for their own citizens. Please obtain information in your home country by contacting the relevant government bodies and foundations.

      Please scroll down for info on loans and bursaries you may apply to as an MSc in Energy Management student.

      Marketing & Energy Loans & Bursaries

      The MSc Marketing & Creativity and MSc in Energy Management are registered in the Professional and Career Development Loan scheme.

      Professional and Career Development Loans are commercial bank loans that you can use to help pay for work-related learning. You can borrow between £300 and £10,000 to help support the cost of up to two years of learning (or three years if it includes one year's relevant unpaid practical work). The Government will pay the interest on the loan while you are learning and for one month afterwards. You will then need to start repaying the loan as you would any other commercial loan product. You can use the loan to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries.

      As the Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan product, you should make sure you have investigated all the funding options that may be open to you to ensure you take an informed decision about whether the loan is right for you.

      For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit the GOV.UK website or contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900. Our learning provider identification number is: 1560


      To apply you must:

      • be 18 or over
      • have been living in the UK for at least three years before your course starts
      • plan to work in the UK, EEA or EU after the course

      IMPORTANT: Any decisions regarding the loan itself are made by the banks in question and ESCP Europe does not have any say over or responsibility for their final decision.

      Bursaries are also available through For more information, please visit their website.

      Executive Master in Marketing & Creativity

      We offer three categories of scholarships to participants entering the EMMK in 2019, each worth £3,000.

      These are available for the following participant categories:

      Scholarship applications must be submitted by the same deadline as your programme application. However, please note that they will not be considered until after you have completed the admission process and been accepted on to the EMMK.

      If you have further questions regarding the scholarships on offer, please email Crochenka McCarthy.

      Executive Master in Energy Management

      We offer four categories of scholarships to participants entering the EMEM in 2018, each worth £3,000.

      These are available for the following participant categories:

       If you have further questions regarding the scholarships on offer, please email Crochenka McCarthy.