ESCP Europe in London is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (UK Registered Charity No. 293027). All contributions have a significant impact on the development of the School, supporting a range of diverse activities including research, company projects, scholarships, the Summer Gala, etc.

Gifts to ESCP Europe London campus are tax deductible for individual donors or companies.

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Registered Office
527 Finchley Road
London NW3 7BG
Registered in England No. 1876779
Company limited by guarantee

Executive Team

UK Director

The main responsibilities of the UK Director position can be summarised as follows:

  • the management and organisation of the School and discipline within it.
  • the chief academic officer of the School.
  • the officer designated to be responsible to the Board of Trustees for the School's use of funds.
  • the School's chief ambassador.

Senior Management Team

The UK Director has established a Senior Management Team to advise, assist and support him in meeting these responsibilities. The Team members, collectively and individually, have delegated authority and accountability.

The Senior Management Team recognises the importance of securing the confidence of the Board and other stakeholders in the discharge of its responsibilities.

The Senior Management Team:

  • shares collective leadership responsibility for achieving the School's vision, mission and strategic goals.
  • acts collectively and individually in a manner consistent with the School's mission, vision and values and acts as ambassadors for the School, both internally and externally.
  • develops future strategy options in consultation with the Trustees and other stakeholders and recommends appropriate courses of action.
  • monitors progress and outcomes of strategy implementation.
  • decides upon policies and procedures to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the School.
  • leads, motivates and inspires the School community.

Team Members

  • Prof. Simon Mercado – UK Director (Director-General)
  • Sophie-Hermine Bertrand – UK Director of Finance and Operations
  • Florence Mele – UK Director of Academic Quality and Student Services

Terms of Reference

The remit of the Senior Management Team is to work with the UK Director on matters relating to policy development, implementation and monitoring, in particular:

  • development and implementation of strategic and operational plans.
  • resource allocation, budgeting, and financial planning and review.
  • organisational structure and review.
  • development and implementation of policy against defined outcomes.
  • monitoring of the performance of Faculties and Departments against agreed KPIs.
  • common approaches to matters of inter-faculty and inter-departmental responsibility.
  • matters of operational management.

In fulfilling its remit, the Team seeks the approval of and consults with such other School committees, including the Board of Trustees, as may be necessary to comply with the terms of its delegated authority.