Courtyard of the ESCP Europe Paris Campus
Courtyard of the ESCP Europe Paris Campus

Paris Campus

Visas & Insurance

Visas and resident permits

  • If you are not an EU citizen, please find out as soon as possible if you will need a visa to enter the country for your first year at ESCP Europe. The school always sends you a certificate with the letter that confirms your admission. This certificate can be used to ask for a visa.

  • If you need a student visa, you will also need a residence permit, not only to comply with the law, but also to open a bank account, to accept an internship, etc.

  • Visa: you must apply for one in your country of residence as soon as you have received your admission confirmation from ESCP Europe.

  • Residence Permit: you must apply locally in Paris or Turin, with assistance from ESCP Europe. Residence permits do not exist in the UK.

NB: a visa is for entering a country; a residence permit is for staying (living) there.
British visa: see Immigration Regulations and Entry Clearance. It is also necessary to consult the consular section of the British Embassy in your country of residence.