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Living in Turin



We recommend to start searching early for accommodation because to find it in Torino isn’t a really easy task for two main reasons. The first reason is that usually owners don’t let under a year. Secondly it isn’t very frequent to share a house, consequently the choice is limited. Specially for MEB students it is quite difficult to find a private lodging for only 6 months.

We propose 2 solutions for our students:

  • Bligny apartments 

The building is made up of 17 apartments located close to the centre of Turin, within the Roman quarter, in Via Bligny, at a walking distance from Via Garibaldi and Piazza Castello. It is well connected to ESCP EUROPE Turin Campus.

The apartments, fully decorated, are provided with kitchen (with oven, fridge and freezer) and bathroom; depending on the size, the apartments are made up of a single room and a double room, giving the possibility to host from 3 to 5 people.

Every apartment is made up of kitchen, living room, single bedroom, double bedroom and two bathrooms, together with thermo-autonomous heating system.


Double room:  € 350 per month

Single room: € 500 per month

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the campus staff at the following contacts:


Sant’Ottavio 46, 10124 Torino

TEL: +39.011.8395776

FAX: +39.011.19712011

Contact person: Marco Zampieri


  • San Paolo Campus

San Paolo Campus offers accommodation options to students who need an easy connection both to the campus and to the city centre. The Campus is half an hour from ESCP Europe Campus.

The Campus Formula requires 6 months at least and proposes the following possibilities:


RENT FEE/month




2 rooms apartment provided with kitchen

€ 470,00



Kitchen in the apartment

Single room

€ 440,00



Shared kitchen

Double room

€ 340,00



Shared kitchen


Inside of San Paolo Campus they have lecturing room, common areas, common kitchens, gym, bikes, laundry.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the campus staff at the following contacts:

Tel. + 39 011 3828416


Address: Via Caraglio 97, 10141 Torino



Private accommodation

The University can not contact private individuals or rental agencies. The following list is therefore a guide to assist students in finding accommodation on their own.

  • The most convenient way to find notices about flats and rooms to rent  are the bulletin boards at universities. The most offers are in following universities: Facoltà di Economia, Politecnico and Palazzo Nuovo. Especially after the summer brake you will find there a huge choice of notices.
  • EDISU (Ente regionale per il Servizio allo Studio Universitario)
    offers to foreign students the possibility to find accommodation in private flats. 
    For more information: 
    Sportello Casa EDISU di Torino 
    Via Verdi, 26/A 
    10124 Torino
    Tel +39 011/8138328 
    For further information visit the website
  • Newspapers

    "Secondamano" (Monday / Wednesday / Friday)

    "Tutto Affari - La Stampa" (Sunday)
    contain many advertisements of "appartamenti ammobiliati" (furnished flats).