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Bénédicte Gosselin
Company Partnerships Manager Paris campus



Consult the Taxe d'Apprentissage Brochure 2017 (in French)

Get the brochure (French version)

ESCP Europe Taxe d'apprentissage 2017

The French "Taxe d’Apprentissage"

Become a corporate sponsor and contribute to ESCP Europe's progress

Invest in excellence today, benefit from it tomorrow.

Educating future top-notch senior executives and delivering strong management expertise, ESCP Europe covers corporate needs. But ESCP Europe also needs financial support via the education tax in order to continue delivering its world-class education and research.

ESCP Europe can offer tailored partnerships to companies wanting to improve their reputation at our six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw; to help educate our students who will become their partners; and to target the profiles they want.