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DRIVE: The 5 Megatrends that Set our Future

Deepening the megatrend related to social and demographic changes and the ageing of the population

The workshop "Lead the Way: DRIVE: The 5 Megatrends that Set our Future"  will be held in Milan on Thursday 8 November at Danone.

Keynote Speaker: Terence Tse, Associate Professor of Finance at the London campus of ESCP Europe and author of the book "Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using DRIVE to Harness the Power of Today's Megatrends", as well as the research DRIVE - The 5 Megatrends That Set Our Future, in collaboration with Prof. Mark Esposito.

The workshop is organized by ESCP Europe and HRC.

Lead the Way is an executive event organized periodically by ESCP Europe Turin Campus with the aim to promote the Leadership Development in it's three dimensions: personal, interpersonal and strategic. 


Terence Tse - ESCP Europe Associate Professor of Finance

Terence Tse

Associate Professor of Finance - ESCP Europe London Campus


Organiser: ESCP Europe Turin Campus

Milan - Italy



Start date: 08/11/2018

Start time: 9:00 AM

End time: 5:00 PM